Creating Accessible Mental Health Services

April Thornton, founder of Voice for Children & Nurturing Families, built her counseling services website in 2015 to offer an information site for potential clients and future referrals. The site was originally designed to be informational. April wants a new website clients recognize as modern, engaging, user friendly, and colorful.

The Basics

Company / Voice for Children & Nurturing Families

Timeline / 2020 - 2021

My Role / UI UX Designer

Project Brief

Create a new website that allows clients to gather business information, understand services offered, and easily contact April to schedule appointments. Maintain current kid-friendly colorful feel while creating a more modern, user friendly functionality.

Current Challenges

Previous VCNF Homepage

VCNF currently has a 10 year old, unresponsive website with confusing navigation, broken links, and a challenging user flow. The website doesn't allow prospective clients to easily reach out to therapists. When users click on the appointments tab, a text file is downloaded with patient intake information. Links to services offered lead to a wall of text, lead to a blank page, or are broken.

VCNF Goals

- Colorful, creative website

- Modern UX and UI

- Easy for prospective clients to contact

My Goals

- Create responsive, mobile friendly website

- Meet AA Accessibility standards

- Better conversion funnel

The Process

I. Research Phase

Competition Research

The therapy industry and local competitors were offering similar services, which was useful in directing what clients expect from a counseling website. It also allowed me to quickly come up with talking points, interview questions and user test questions to lead to my validation period as well as the design stage.

Sticky notes of competitor research
Competitor Research


Next steps / Plan of action...

Discovery Interviews

Concept Exploration

Usability Testing




Pain Points



Best Practices

II. Design Phase

Initial Ideas



Concept Validation

III. Testing Phase

Usability Testing

Debrief + Iterations

IV. Development Phase


V. Release + Measurement Phase

Design Release

Success Measurement





How to Design for Users Struggling with Mental Health

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