Well, a year has passed.

I spend so much time on the Pittsburgh Modular site and social media accounts that this site has reeeeally been neglected.  I just looked at the date of my last blog post and it was from one year ago yesterday.

I had also neglected updating several versions of WordPress, so there was a lovely piece of malware embedded in my PHP that was making a Spanish viagra ad pop up in my header.  So, I decided to start fresh with a new theme, a few new plugins, and a new blog post.

It’s trying very hard to be Spring here in Pittsburgh.  We had snow on Monday and today it was sunny and 65.   The image of the magnolia tree above is a sculpture called Magnolias for Pittsburgh.  I may need to run downtown and dance around these bronze beauties, because it will be a while until we see real blossoms.  A while before there are porch beers.

The business keeps growing.  My kids are now 10 and 4.  I am now 40.  My favorite webcomic is done and I blew through the first season of Kimmy Schmidt.  Seriously, it can slow down a little.