About Danielle Nicol

Hello, Neighbor.

My name is Danielle Nicol. I am a native Pittsburgher.  I have two kids and a rotating menagerie of cats.  I’m fond of solving problems with the the internet.  I’m not fond of people who mistake my last name for my first name.

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

I own and operate this company with my husband.  We work with an awesome team of people in a warehouse space in Homewood that was originally a Westinghouse Electric facility. We sell our products all over the world to an ever growing roster of musicians, soundscape artists, and audiophiles. I am continually amazed, as our business literally started in our basement, with my husband soldering at a table next to our washing machine, with all start up costs bankrolled by our “spare” income and a personal loan.  It is very liberating to hoe your own row.  It is also terrifying.

Writing & Photography

Much like a five-year-old on a banana-seated bike, life zips by quickly. I write and take pictures so years later I can revisit it and say, “Ah yes, I guess I did do that.” This plan would be foolproof if only I wrote and photographed more frequently.  I’m working on reorganizing my writing so the long-form stuff stays here on my blog and the short-form stuff is pushed to my Tumblr my various social media accounts.  My preferred photography publishing platform[s] continues to be Flickr are my various social media accounts (or the pictures just sit on my phone).